Tiger Rapta – Managing Director

thumbnailTiger Rapta is one of the renowned professional wrestler in India and overseas.He has completed Professional Wrestling from WWP-World Wrestling professionals under Veteran wrestler and very highly reputed coach Mr. Abdul Kadir.Mr.Rapta has successfully completed a TV show called 100% De Dana Dan in India aired on colors channel. He is a partner and president of this firm.Since last ten years, he has been involved in lot of activities related to sports and now in wrestling. He is man of multi talents and thus not only in sports.He has been an actor since last six years. He has been appeared in movies, as-films and serials in hindi and other national regional languages.He has served the nation working in National Army. He is the founder and President of Champs Boys Gym.He believes in uplifting the level of Indian Professional Wrestling in india and thus aims to attract young people in this game from all across the country.