Angelium Kaur – Chairperson

thumbnailThe name’s ANGELIUM KAUR. Though bought up in UK, now back in India to explore Entertainment & Business world oppertunities. An aggressive bundle of energy complete with sassiness. Sometimes come off as distant and reserved but once you earn her trust and friendship, as easy-going, sweet as one can be! ¬†Eager to learn and experience new things and to explore all that life has to offer. Very open-minded, Confident and constantly pushing her own limits. Not afraid to take risks but not at the expense of others.Her strongest desire is to model, act and explore the Business world to fullest, soak in different scenes and cultures, and meet all kinds of interesting people along the way. Enjoy’s the company of those who are creative, uninhibited, intellectual, unusual, cultured, revolutionary … people she can learn from or be inspired by!! Her new inspiration is to launch IPW on National & International platform.